5 Solid-Steel Online Business Ideas That Work For Men!

MMD January 16, 2017 0


Being a man is tough. You have a lot of responsibilities. You owe a decent lifestyle to your family, you must be the best of your friends, and you must hunt and conquer the world. Jees louise, aint that too big of a burden to carry just because you were born a guy?

No, not for a real man it isn’t. Plus you get to enjoy series of awesome perks of manhood like that amazing beard of yours. Alas, an awesome beard is rarely enough. A man needs his money and money comes from a blossoming business. You don’t want to work for some random guy for the rest of your life, do you?
That’s exactly why I’ve come up with a list of impressive, manly ideas for you that are completely adjustable online.

Start a casino

What can be cooler than a personal casino resort? You can start small by creating an affiliate website similar to Casinority. People will line up to pay you for a review of their poker tables and roulette games. A year or so of a job like that will get you packed enough to start your own casino.

Do note that you will have to deal with a lot of certifications and regulations, so it would be smarter to outsource these tasks to professional companies like Microgaming. Or you can deal with everything on your own – you are a manly man after all.

Consult others

Everyone has a talent. What are you good at? Perhaps your father taught you how to curb wood or fix classic Dodge cars or whatever? The line of your personal skills opens two roads. You can do all of the power lifting on your own by becoming a handyman, mechanic or carpenter.

Or you can charge a fee for consulting others online. Just share your experience and wisdom with the world. I’m sure people will be lining up to hear from you.

Write a book

You’d be surprised but it’s really not that hard to write and market a book. You don’t have to a novelist or a fictional romance writer. Remember the hobby you excel at from the previous part? Write a book about it. Share your thoughts and experiences.

Note that this technique works best if paired with provision of consulting services. A fine-tailored piece of written material will establish your authority ad credibility in the field of your interest.

Become a reviewer
You can review guns or knives as the ultimate combination of manliness. It’s not that hard really. Just pick up some stuff you like and care about and express your honest opinion. Brands are willing to pay a fortune for fair representation of their product. Given you are their marketing target audience you are born to market a product better than their in-staff managers.

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