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It’s hard for an African American woman to make it in the adult industry. I never understood why given how many beautiful ones there are but it’s the absolute truth. An African American pornstar has to work twice as hard just to get noticed. Lucky for us, one of those girls who put in the work to get the recognition is Ana Foxxx. This sexy Cali native has it all from an incredible body, to a gorgeous smile, and of course her flawless dark skin. If you’ve ever seen her perform you know she takes what she does very seriously and gives her all in every scene. Mens Mag Daily had the opportunity to sit down with the sexy Ms. Foxxx to discuss her sex life before porn, her workout routine, and how her family felt about her career decision.


Mens Mag Daily: Alright Ana, I like to get some background information first so tell us where you’re originally from.

Ana Foxxx: I am a California native.

Mens Mag Daily: What were you doing before you got into the adult industry?

Ana Foxxx: Before I got into porn I had a regular job and I was trying to get into mainstream modeling. I was really shy so I ended up sucking really bad. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: So how did you end up doing porn?

Ana Foxxx: Even though I was shy I didn’t want to be and I always had all these thoughts in my mind. I met this agent one day when I was out in Hollywood. He gave me his card so I looked him up and I found out that he did porn. It sounded pretty cool and I figured if nothing else I would learn how to give a good blowjob. (Laughs) At that point I just decided to go for it.

Mens Mag Daily: So this is something you weren’t familiar with at all?

Ana Foxxx: Not at all, I didn’t even know that the porn industry still existed. I had no idea that there were so many fans. I was learning as I went along.


Mens Mag Daily: What was it like when you first started shooting? You must have been nervous given the fact that you knew so little about porn.

Ana Foxxx: I was because I thought it was going to be really shady, like back alley meet and greet type of things. It was actually the complete opposite. It was very professional and I got treated like a princess. It felt really cool because it was the opposite of what I expected. It was so comfortable and nice that I was already thinking that I would do it a few more times.

Mens Mag Daily: Did you have a lot of sexual experience in your personal life?

Ana Foxxx: I was having sex but I didn’t really know what to do and I would just really go off whatever my partner would say. I wanted to be more confident in knowing that what I was doing was good instead of just wondering if I did a good job.


Mens Mag Daily: At what point did things really start to pick up for you? I ask because you have a lot of fans.

Ana Foxxx: I would say things started really picking up for me after my first year. That’s when a lot of the scenes that I had shot really started coming out. You do kind of have to prove yourself but thank goodness everything is going really well for me. You kind of have to prove that you’re more than just a pretty face but yes, after that first year I started feeling more confident and like I knew what I was doing. I was just ready to go.

Mens Mag Daily: Would you say it’s a little harder for you as a black woman to make it in the porn industry?

Ana Foxxx: It definitely is a little bit harder because “normal” is considered white girls and Latinas. When it comes to the draft we kind of get picked last. More often than not we’re all shot in similar ways and that really makes it hard to stand out. I guess it’s lucky for me that I’m the darkest one so I stand out a lot. That’s definitely helped me because I don’t think I’m really typical looking. I’m also not exactly petite but I’m not thick either. I have muscles so I guess I’m something different to look at.


Mens Mag Daily: I noticed that you’re in really good shape. What’s your gym routine like?

Ana Foxxx: Quite honestly, when I was younger I was very competitive at sports because I had three brothers so I would do every sport they did and try and beat them at it. Now, I don’t even walk into a gym. I think I’m active though. I’m always carrying my own groceries for blocks or moving furniture. I’m just very active but yeah no gym at all. I think I might have a high metabolism as well so I just burn it off.

Mens Mag Daily: People are going to be upset that you have that body and you don’t go to the gym.

Ana Foxxx: Yeah actually, one of my best friends is a bodybuilder who works out every day and my arms are just as cut as hers and I don’t even know how to lift weights. She definitely gives me the “fuck you bitch” looks but it’s all good. (Laughs) I think I eat pretty healthy though, a lot of chicken and vegetables but I do like bacon and McDonald’s. I’m sure it will catch up. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: What was the reaction from friends and family when you made the decision to do porn?

Ana Foxxx: Quite honestly, I thought it was going to be like a shitstorm from my family and my friends would think it was cool but it was the opposite. My family was happy that I could pay my own bills. (Laughs) My family just basically wanted me to be smart about it and not be stupid financially. My friends for some reason got all emotional and they were equating porn with hooker. They thought I was going to be walking the streets or something but now that they understand it’s a lot cooler now.

Mens Mag Daily: Have you been exposed to a lot of new things in terms of sex being in porn that you hadn’t been in your personal life?

Ana Foxxx: Yeah, almost everything was something that I had never done. It was all pretty standard in my personal life. I had a couple of partners and it was like blowjob, sex, and then you’re done. Orgies and giving two dudes blowjobs was all new to me.


Mens Mag Daily: Had you been with girls before you got into porn?

Ana Foxxx: I had only been with one girl before but it was kind of like a porno set-up because she was kinky and aggressive so it was really fun. It made me more comfortable working with girls in porn.

Mens Mag Daily: What type of girls are you attracted to?

Ana Foxxx: I have two types. I definitely like a girl who dresses up and looks pretty that I can show off from time to time but I also like a girl who can look hot in a pair of basketball shorts. Girls in basketball shorts are just hot to me for some reason.


Mens Mag Daily: And what about in terms of guys?

Ana Foxxx: Well I like a guy with a nice package who looks good. I don’t need a big buff dude, just whatever shape or size you are make sure you look good. I don’t like sloppy. I also don’t want to have to worry about your heart health or anything. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Let’s say you’re looking to meet somebody; do you approach a woman and a man differently?

Ana Foxxx: I would, just because they’re so different. If it’s a girl I like to be really flirty and just put it all out there but if it’s a guy then I kind of like to be chased a little bit especially since I’m in porn so I don’t like making the first move either. I like to wait and see if he’ll make the move.


Mens Mag Daily: Alright Ana, do you have anything that you want to tell us about, new scenes, where your fans can reach you, whatever you want?

Ana Foxxx: The AVN awards are coming up so everybody should vote for me in the categories that I come up in. I am always on my Twitter at and I love talking to my fans on there. Without the fans I wouldn’t be where I am so I love all of you guys.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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