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Anikka Albrite is an adult industry juggernaut. From the moment she stepped on the scene, she began garnering massive praise for both her looks and energetic performances. She’s won awards and has been heralded as the next big thing in porn. This blonde bombshell with the body of a goddess deserves every bit of it as she works hard, gives the fans what they want, and manages to bring a touch of class to an industry not exactly synonymous with class. Anikka isn’t your average pornstar in a lot of ways as she is college educated, courteous, and one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. Mens Mag Daily was able to sit down with the lovely Ms. Albrite to discuss her life before porn superstardom, the ever-changing adult industry, and her latest release, “Anikka 2” by Hard X studios.


Mens Mag Daily: So Anikka can you tell us what your life was like before you got into the adult industry?

Anikka Albrite: I went to school and I worked in various fields such as the science and healthcare industry as well as sales and modeling. I was always a very sexual woman but could never show that side of me because I wanted to be taken seriously and viewed professionally. Porn is a great avenue for me to be able to express myself and be accepted for who I am and what I love.

Mens Mag Daily: Before you made the decision to get into porn, did you ever think about doing mainstream stuff? You’re certainly pretty enough.

Anikka Albrite: I definitely wanted to do mainstream stuff and I’m still interested in it. Before I came into the adult industry, I did some mainstream modeling and was an extra on TV shows. Since being in the adult industry, I’ve done some mainstream acting for various TV shows and I was in an Offspring music video as well. I love the mainstream side of the industry as well.

Mens Mag Daily: What was the actual process of you getting into the adult industry? Did you contact agencies and send them pics or did you take a different approach?

Anikka Albrite: A photographer friend of mine knew some people in the industry and when he found out I was interested in getting in to it he introduced me to my first agency. It was a very smooth process and I signed the paperwork that same day.

Mens Mag Daily: I’ve never seen a girl whose butt gets so much attention. People love it. Did you get that kind of attention before porn? Did you know the butt was special?

Anikka Albrite: I never considered my butt being special. If anything, I thought I was too curvy. My pants would never fit right because I have a small waist and an apple bottom. I was actually self-conscious of my booty. It wasn’t until I started working in the adult industry that I realized I had been blessed with my ass and that it was my money-maker. I love my booty now!


Mens Mag Daily: I was doing some research on you and I found out that you come from a pretty big family. How did you tell your family you were doing porn and how did they handle it?

Anikka Albrite: Yeah, I have 4 sisters and brothers. My siblings all know what I do and are accepting of it. My oldest sister has even gone to the past AVN awards with me. Both my parents are supportive of my decision to go into porn. My mom guessed it pretty much at the beginning of my porn career. When I confirmed it, she took it pretty well and was good-humored about it. She even likes to hear about what’s going on with work and congratulates me when I win awards. Most recently, for my 1st DP, my Mom gave me a congratulations card with a Victorian era looking woman on it with an arrow pointing to her front and an arrow pointing to her back, saying “Insert here” “And here”. (Laughs) She’s amazing; she is definitely my number one fan. I told my Dad about my career choice a year after being in the industry. He is more conservative and I was afraid of how it would affect my relationship with him. I knew that I had to tell him though and when I did he told me he kind of already suspected I was doing something like that due to my world traveling and many modeling shoots I didn’t share details with him about. Once I explained exactly what it is I do and that I keep my safety in mind first, he was more accepting of it. Although my dad would prefer I do something else, he loves me regardless and is very supportive in my decision. I feel that I have a better relationship with my parents now than I did before because I can talk about anything with them.

Mens Mag Daily: Most girls in the porn industry say they were very sexual before they got into the business. Can you tell us how sexual you were?

Anikka Albrite: I was always a very sexual person. Even growing up, I loved to be naked and was fascinated with nudity. In high-school I masturbated with all kinds of random objects including food, etc. I didn’t have any sex toys at that age and had to get creative. I discovered porn in my teens and became obsessed with it. My favorite kind of porn is hentai, girl/girl, and IR. When I had open-minded boyfriends, I liked playing with BDSM and role-playing. I even had trouble studying in college sometimes because I was too horny and had to masturbate before studying and going to class. I thought I was hyper-sexual at one point in my college years and e-mailed an expert on hyper-sexuality for advice because it was interfering with my classes. Sex has always been my vice. I never had any issues or addictions with anything else, just sex. I can’t get enough of it.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve been in the industry for about two years now. You’ve won multiple AVN awards. People call you the next Jenna Jameson. You’re insanely popular. What is it that porn fans love about you so much? I mean, besides the obvious, we all know you’re beautiful.

Anikka Albrite: I appreciate all the love I have received from people. It’s great to feel appreciated for what I do. I like to be personable with my fans and really enjoy meeting them. I also love what I do. I’m in this business because I have an insatiable appetite for sex and I’m a pervert in the classiest sense. I think it really shows on camera and that’s what people like to see.


Mens Mag Daily: Have you had the chance to do scenes with anybody that you were a fan of before you got into the business? And are there any girls that are still on your wish list?

Anikka Albrite: The first person I was a fan of and got to do a scene with was Tommy Gunn. I was so star struck with him. I kept saying, “I can’t believe I’m having sex with Tommy Gunn!” It was really great sex too. Since I watched many Digital Playground features, I knew exactly who he was. I still would love to work with Jesse Jane. She was my first porn girl crush. She’s absolutely beautiful, and it would be a dream cum true, literally. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Your performances are awesome and I’m sure people ask you things all the time but do you truly enjoy yourself when shooting scenes?

Anikka Albrite: Thank you. I absolutely love what I do. Some shoots aren’t as awesome as others but for the most part I have fun on all my shoots. Every day at work is different. It keeps things interesting & fun.


Mens Mag Daily: I was reading another interview you did and you said that you were a little worried about getting into porn because of how it might affect your future. Does that mean your future won’t include porn? Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

Anikka Albrite: I can’t really say where I’ll be in 5 to 10 years. I would like to always be involved in the adult industry. That really strongly depends on how much of our industry will be left. It is swiftly changing due to the free porn and pirated porn on tube sites. Due to more people no longer paying for porn and not buying DVD’s, more and more production companies are closing their doors and most of the ones that remain can no longer afford to hire great talent and pay for quality productions. Because of this, the porn industry that I know and love may be gone within a few years unless more people start paying for porn.

Mens Mag Daily: What do you do in your spare time? Are you more of a party girl or would you rather sit home and watch Netflix? What does Anikka do when she’s not working?

Anikka Albrite: When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and close friends, and staying active. Sometimes I will stay home with my family and watch a movie or read. Sometimes I will travel or explore a museum, farmers market, go hiking, go to the beach, etc. I really love scuba diving, riding horses, and sky diving.


Mens Mag Daily: You have tons of fans. What are they like? Do you interact with them a lot through your Twitter and other social media?

Anikka Albrite: My fans are so lovely and supportive of me. It feels great to have so much appreciation! I love interacting with my fans through social media and internet forums. My favorite way to interact with my fans though, is in person. I love meeting my fans at expos that I’m signing at.

Mens Mag Daily: What type of scenes are your favorite to shoot and why? Is it boy/girl, girl/girl, threesomes?

Anikka Albrite: Right now, I would have to say girl/girl, threesomes, anal, and DP’s. I love women and love to make love to women. In my private life I’m pretty intimidated by women. In porn, I know it’s a guarantee that I’m going to have sex with another woman and I let my inner tigress run wild. I love girl/girl/boy threesomes and boy/boy/girl threesomes because there are more people to pleasure, as well as pleasure me. I love anal and the way I cum from getting railed in my backdoor. I also recently did my first DP and it was the best sex I have ever had. It is so insanely pleasurable that it is almost spiritual too. I think if everyone in the world got DP’d, it would bring world peace.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you get recognized in the street a lot and if so do people actually approach you?

Anikka Albrite: I have been recognized in the street quite a few times but normally people give me a knowing look or write on my social media that they saw me at such and such a place but were too shy to say anything. My favorite place I’ve been recognized was at a farmers market. I was trying a berry and the man selling the berries told me he was a big fan. He was really cool and normal about it too.

Mens Mag Daily: Everybody wants to know this. What is your type of guy and type of girl both physically and in terms of personality?

Anikka Albrite: I love guys that have a sense of humor, are adventurous, open-minded, intelligent, kind, romantic, family-oriented, and goal-oriented. It’s a bonus if they are foreign, have a strong jawline, beautiful eyes and smile, and sexy abs. I love women who are confident in themselves, intelligent, sensual, have a sense of humor, are adventurous, open-minded, kind, and family-oriented. It’s a bonus if they have flowy red hair, beautiful eyes and smile, have a tight but curvy body, and have soft skin and freckles.


Mens Mag Daily: Alright Anikka, give us the whole rundown of things you have coming up and where your fans can reach you, anything you want.

Anikka Albrite: I just finished my new showcase movie “Anikka 2” by Hard X Studios. It will be released in a few weeks and I am so incredibly excited about it. It has a few “firsts” in it, including my first DP. It was such an honor to make a sequel to my successful award-winning showcase “Anikka”. I really hope the fans love it as much as I do. I also have a feature western themed movie for Adam & Eve coming out soon. Keep your eyes open for that. In October, I will be attending the Nightmoves awards in Florida. I can’t wait to meet more of my fans out there. People can find me on twitter @AnikkaAlbrite as well as Instagram which is @alotofbritesmiles and also Facebook at

Article By: Jon DaBove

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