Cop Pulls a Gun in a Snowball Fight

MMD February 1, 2015 0

Here is a story of a cop stepping up the ante, when he pulls a gun in a snowball fight. That is a pretty exciting way to celebrate the recent snow storm that never was last week, by doing something you’ve probably been doing since you were 3 years old to celebrate a snow storm….and that’s throwing it in each other’s faces.

Well, like the evil teachers of your elementary school, this cop in NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK , didn’t not seem to see the fun in the snowball fight, but instead must have thought it was terrorist activity, because as you know…if you use snow as a weapon, the evidence melts. Or maybe he didn’t have anyone to have snowball fights with when he was a kid and this is bringing out some PTSD symptons…where he has the snowball that wins…in the form of a gun.

In the cops defence, we don’t know what happened before said incident but either way, it is crazy.

The video shows an NRPD officer using obscene language, ordering the already-kneeling youths to remain down. The officer is holding his firearm with both hands, pointed directly at one of the youths. He then approaches the young man, briefly frisks him with one hand while holding onto his firearm.

Apparently, New Rochelle have recently been discussing police adding body cams to prevent these kinds of incidents from happening, but they have not made any comments regarding this specific incident.

I will say, if it snows near you, think twice about slamming a snowball into your brother or really anyones face. Something you’ve probably been doing since you were 3.

via Liveleak

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