How To Get The Girl

Luke Espon February 10, 2016 0

Many guys these days have a hard time getting a date or getting the girl of their dreams to go out with them. We offer up a few ways that you can get your dream girl to materialize and hanging out with you in no-time. It’s simple really, and we want you to know that. That’s why we decided to create this article on how to get the girl. To help guys around the world finally get the girl they are interested in.

1) Have confidence


One of the most essential steps in getting the girl of your dreams is to believe that the potential for that to actualize within the frame of everyday reality is entirely plausible and actually quite probable occurrence. If you believe that you are capable of initiating a line of conversation between you and your potential friend than you are much more likely to follow through with the relevant actions that would conjure that scenario into existence. So be bold my friends, believe in yourself. You’re a beautifully unique self in an ever changing experience that offers a bountiful array of self developmental experiences you can gleefully bathe in.

2) Make the move


Now that you believe in yourself and know that you are in fact the man, you can go ahead and make the move. Don’t be weird about it obviously, but don’t be stagnant by any means. I mean you’ll know what to do in any given situation obviously, but lets drop an example. You’re in the super market getting your groceries when you walk past the refrigerator that has the pizza rolls in it. You think for a second that pizza rolls aren’t entirely healthy and you probably should opt for a more healthy alternative, but you also know that Becca loves pizza rolls, and you haven’t seen Becca in a while but you kind of miss her. So you snatch up the pizza rolls and throw them into the cart without further thought. Upon arriving home you send Becca a text message that says hey. She replies back and she says, Hey what’s up. You go ahead and send over a responding text that says “Not much, do you want to smoke a bowl and eat pizza rolls”, she responds back and says that she can’t tonight but she might want to tomorrow. You play it cool and don’t overthink things, You have pizza rolls and you plan on playing some video games. You made the move! You put yourself out there bro, and that’s pretty good.

And that’s really all there is to it. You can apply this knowledge to many situations. You believe that you are a worthy human and good things are coming your way, and then it works out as long as you’re living up to your expectations. You may choose to talk to a girl that you see somewhere using this newfound newage hightech technique, and to that we say yes, do. It’s a big world, and today is a new day.


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