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I’m not usually a big fan of all-in-one workout contraptions. They are usually flimsy and don’t do what they say they will do. To advertise them, some dude who is in really good shape accompanied by a few hotties jabbers for half an hour at three in the morning on a stupid infomercial about why this machine is different and better than all the rest. It’s all horseshit and you can tell the really in shape dude didn’t get way by using said machine. The Rack, however, is the exception (in most ways). Unfortunately, The Rack does have some of the trappings of your typical crazy at home workout machines. For example, they say that the rack will get you in shape in just 10 minutes a day, which of course, is complete and utter bullshit. There is no activity in the world that is going to take you from out of shape to in shape in ten minutes a day. It’s just not humanly possible. They also exaggerate how effective some of the exercises are. For example, I don’t look at The Rack as a great tool for a bicep workout on its own. Truth be told, here’s what The Rack really is, it’s a light, portable dip station that can be used in three main positions which are flat, standing, and bench which is a badass idea. It’s a great piece of equipment to keep in the office or bring on a road trip. It’s sturdy and well-made, supporting up to 300 pounds, which is a non-issue because if you weigh 300 pounds you won’t be able to do much with it anyway. The different positions The Rack can transform into allow for a variation of push-ups. You could also do dips and some creative ab exercises that are sure to get you more burn than your standard crunch. In my opinion, these are the three main exercises that the rack should be used for which I think is badass but I guess they felt the need to upsell a little. The bicep and shoulder exercises are okay but if you’re in shape they’re going to be a little light for you. Here’s another thing you should know about The Rack, it will work best if you’re already in some kind of decent shape. You cannot have been sedentary for the past ten years and think The Rack is going to be the answer to your weight loss prayers. These are bodyweight exercises so being able to do more than two push-ups is going to be essential. If you are in shape, this is an incredible tool. I mean, just imagine being able to bang out 100 dips literally anywhere or do a set of modified pull ups in between business calls in your office. One thing I found very cool is the DVD that is included which shows you how The Bartendaz use The Rack. For those of you who don’t know who the Bartendaz are, they’re a group of heinously in shape guys from New York who look like they’ve been lifting weights since the age of two whose workouts consist of innovative bodyweight exercises in urban settings like city parks. The stuff these guys do with The Rack is incredible. If you get to the point where you can do what they do, you’re going to be seriously ripped. Bodyweight exercises done at the right level give you a shredded look provided you eat right and everything else, so overall; The Rack is a solid investment especially for those on the go. Just don’t expect instant gratification or a cure all. It will take work.

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Article By: Jon DaBove

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