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Every once in a while, a girl comes along who is so insanely gorgeous and such a good performer that she’s able to become a star off of girl/girl work alone, easily as popular as her counterparts who do boy/girl work. The latest hottie to pull off this feat is Abigail Mac. There’s not much to not like about Abigail, I mean take a look at her for the love of Mike. She’s just a blur of hotness. Her body is phenomenal including a rack most chicks would kill for and behind that cute, innocent face is a sexual beast. If you need proof go watch any of her scenes and you’ll see. She’s been nominated for three AVN awards so it’s safe to say that Abigail Mac is going to be a serious player in the adult business. Mens Mag Daily caught up with this brunette cutie to discuss how she got into the industry, her cooking skills, and how a guy should hit on her.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay so I was looking at some pictures of you and you’re really pretty by anybody’s standards. What drew you to the adult industry?

Abigail Mac: Well, thank you but it’s all smoke and lights. (Laughs) I was doing webcam shows with a girlfriend of mine and I would get random modeling gigs once in a while. I got offered a shoot with Digital Desire. I had such a good time and it was so amazing that a few months later I moved here. I started doing the full on girl/girl thing.

Mens Mag Daily: Was it what you thought it would be? Did it meet your expectations?

Abigail Mac: When I wasn’t in the business I thought it was probably a little sketchy. I figured there were great companies and then some companies that were like a guy in his basement with a video camera. I have a really good agent so when I got in I saw that it was really legit. The studios were actually a business and they had offices. People were pleasant and polite. It was way more professional and legit than I thought it would be. I was happy that it was that way obviously.


Mens Mag Daily: When did you make the decision to do girl/girl only?

Abigail Mac: When I went to my agency they asked me what I was comfortable doing. There was a huge list of things you can do. I think I checked four boxes which was solo and stills and girl/girl and stills. I was never pressured to do anything.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you only do girl/girl because you really want to get married one day? You seem like the type of girl who wants to get married one day.

Abigail Mac: You are so wrong about me but that’s a great question. I’m not the marriage type at all. I don’t believe in it and I’m not religious. I don’t like big ceremonies. If I were to even get married it would be in a courthouse or I would take a handful of my friends on vacation. In this business girls don’t have a very long shelf life. Of course there are girls who last a really long time but it’s fairly rare. My strategy is just to take things as slow as possible. When I’m not getting girl/girl bookings then I guess I’ll start doing boy/girl. I mean I love men. I’m not at a point where I’ve had to choose between the two.


Mens Mag Daily: That’s when you know you’re hot and a really good performer, when you can constantly work and you only do girl/girl.

Abigail Mac: Yeah it can be boring, right? It’s not just like licking vagina. Let’s have some dialogue. Let’s smack each other around for a while. (Laughs) I love having sex with girls but when people are watching you, you want to put on a good performance.

Mens Mag Daily: You just got nominated for some 2015 AVN awards, that’s a pretty big deal.

Abigail Mac: I have my fingers crossed. The only thing I hope is that the girl who wins has been doing girl/girl for a while. I want it to be a girl who has really put in the work. I’m just super grateful to be nominated. I’m not super competitive. I just wanted a nomination. I’ll be cheering for whoever wins.


Mens Mag Daily: You got nominated for best boobs too which is a big deal. There are a lot of boobs in porn.

Abigail Mac: Seriously, there’s thousands.

Mens Mag Daily: I was watching an interview you did and you said you were an excellent cook.

Abigail Mac: I am an excellent cook. I was a better cook in Oregon because the agriculture up there is fucking insane. Everything you eat grows there. California is okay, we have some farmer’s markets.


Mens Mag Daily: What’s your signature dish?

Abigail Mac: I don’t really have one but during this time of the year I love roasted squash. I marinate rib eye steaks for like 24 hours and throw them on the grill. That’s exactly what I love right now. I go to restaurants and it’s okay but I can do better at home.

Mens Mag Daily: Are you single in your personal life?

Abigail Mac: I don’t know. (Laughs) I don’t really answer super personal questions. I like to leave some things unsaid. Like if somebody asks for my address I’m going to say no on that one. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: How do you feel about porn being so personal now in terms of having actual interaction with the fans and stuff?

Abigail Mac: I have fucking amazing fans and I’ve actually developed weird friendships with some of them. I’m super appreciative for all of them. Most of them are really cool. If I could put a smile on their face and they could put a smile on mine then it’s great. My fans really respect my boundaries and they know not to ask for my number or my apartment number. I’m a girl who gets naked on camera and has sex on camera so people can get confused with certain things sometimes.

Mens Mag Daily: What would you do if a guy approached you on the street? I’m thinking it might be a little scary to approach you.

Abigail Mac: No I’m very approachable. First of all I don’t look like I look in my scenes. I dress practically. I’m not really about that but if a guy is going to approach me it would be nice if he’s at least clever. If you come up to me and introduce yourself like a normal person then I might give you the time of day. I’m really honest, I can’t help it. Funny is good but lame is just ridiculous. Acting like a child is not good and it is not going to get my attention.


Mens Mag Daily: So what do you have coming up that we should be looking out for?

Abigail Mac: I’m releasing my own all girl movie with Zero Tolerance. Later this year I’m doing my all girl anal movie with Girl’s Way. My website just went up which is I have a lot of exciting things coming up, some of which I can’t talk about right now. I’m also in the contest to be the next Digital Playground contract star.


Article By: Jon DaBove

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