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Silvia Saint is from the Kelly bundy school of hotness which was pretty common in the 1990’s adult industry. She has an amazingly tan and taught body, blonde hair, a hot face, and seems to live in stripper heels. That’s probably why when she flew over here from Easter Europe to become a pornstar she was able to achieve massive success. Silvia is one of those pornstars who guys never let go of. They find here in their freshman year of college and are still watching her when they’re 48 years old, probably one of the main reasons she’s in the AVN Hall of Fame. Well Silvia is as hot as ever and Mens Mag Daily and was able to talk to her about growing up around communism, how she got into porn, and her sex life before the industry.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Silvia, can you tell me what it was like growing up in Czech? It must have been tough at times.

Silvia Saint: I grew up as an only child in a great family so I could not complain. My family did the maximum for my comfort and they also tried to do their best so I did not feel the bitter taste of communism. As a child I did not feel it too much. It came later while in my teens. We could not travel abroad. In school we learned only the Russian language. And we also did not have enough money and we could not decide freely in anything. We were like a sheep in the flock. Nowadays everything changed, we have unlimited possibilities, freedom and I do appreciate it a lot.

Mens Mag Daily: I read somewhere that you were an accountant. How did you get into it and did you like doing that?

Silvia Saint: Yes I worked as a manager and accountant for one hotel. I got into it after school when I was recommended from friends to this job and I liked it. Paper work and work with people, that was mine. I was an office type.


Mens Mag Daily: You started off as a model, what made you decide to do porn?

Silvia Saint: I met few people at one photographer. They already worked in business so I took a business card and tried casting, I was curious. And it turned out well. I let myself be amazed by the smell of money and traveling. I loved sex and I did not think too much about it that time.

Mens Mag Daily: Before you got into porn, were you very sexually adventurous?

Silvia Saint: I had experience in sex and I liked to experiment so I had the courage to get into the business.


Mens Mag Daily: What was it like for you when you first started coming to the United States to do scenes? Was it hard for you not knowing the language and everything?

Silvia Saint: Fortunately, I did not fly to the United States the first time alone but with my agent who spoke English and what‘s more I had the basics of English and I learned fast. Photographers, producers and colleagues with who I worked helped me a lot to feel comfortable. But of course there were also few of them who were not that helpful. They behaved towards me like if I came right down from the tree and that was just because I came from Eastern Europe. But I succeeded anyway.

Mens Mag Daily: Is there a big difference between the porn in the United States and the porn in Europe? What are some of the differences?

Silvia Saint: I do not think that there is a big difference and plus a lot of U.S. production companies film in Europe and European companies in the United States. Also, I think maybe the models in Europe are more natural and nicer.


Mens Mag Daily: When you first got into porn, did you ever imagine that you would end up being one of the most famous pornstars ever?

Silvia Saint: I never thought about it like this but I wished to be successful. Once I chose this business I wished to go as far as possible and be the best I could be. I am happy that it is how it is.

Mens Mag Daily: Why do you think you were able to be so successful in the adult industry?

Silvia Saint: It is because I determined my limits and I knew where I wanted to go. And I also could say no. It means that I did not take every offer for work. I always tried to choose work with the best producers, photographers and actors. And that is how the best piece of work is made, those are the ones fans like to this day. I always have been in contact with my fans. And it’s still like that today. I met my fans at conventions all around the world and the most important thing is that I like to do that.


Mens Mag Daily: What are your favorite type of scenes to shoot? Do you prefer working with men or women?

Silvia Saint: I cannot say what type of scene is my favorite. Each movie with a good story and with great colleagues working with me is extraordinary. But if I must choose then all big movies filmed for this company Private are great and are definitely worth watching. I like to think back on them. Of course I like to work with men but as time has gone on I also found pleasure in women. And as of late I film mainly with women.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve worked with such major publications as Penthouse. What were those experiences like for you?

Silvia Saint: It’s the best! Penthouse is easily one of the top magazines in the world and I was very lucky to have a chance to work for them. And it wasn‘t only right at the start of my career and not only once but many times.


Mens Mag Daily: Was it an exciting moment for you when you were inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame?

Silvia Saint: I was really surprised and I could not believe that I received the nomination. To be honest I was pleased but I could not share this because people out of this business do not understand this very well at all. For me this is the highlight of all that I have done and I am very happy for this.

Mens Mag Daily: You’re considered a porn legend by many, how do you feel about that?

Silvia Saint: I do not consider myself as a legend in this business and that is because in my opinion there are bigger stars that deserve this title. But if my fans, or people who have known me for years, see me as a porn legend than it is really an honor for me.


Mens Mag Daily: You’ve appeared in over 300 movies in your career. Was it hard to maintain such a hectic work schedule?

Silvia Saint: I do not think it was 300 movies, that is a little bit exaggerated. It will always be exaggerated because movies and scenes are cut. They are also they split into soft and hardcore versions or they are used in different cuts of a movie. My work schedule was not that busy, you just have to plan well. In some movies I had more scenes in some of them than just one. It depends on the production but it never was stressful or very time consuming, maybe I was lucky.

Mens Mag Daily: I once read that a crazy fan of yours tried to track you down in London and found you at the airport and started going crazy. Do you have a lot of crazy fans or are they mostly cool?

Silvia Saint: Yes that is true, he was very obdurate. But we are still in contact and he is one of my long-standing fans. My fans are polite and relaxed.


Mens Mag Daily: How do your fans react to you when they see you at conventions like AVN?

Silvia Saint: They can not believe and they are amazed to see me live. But how things go and mainly because I visited AVN regularly they looked forward to this event. And some of them joined AVN just because of me and that is always a pleasure.

Mens Mag Daily: You’ve been in the business for a long time now. Have you seen a lot of changes in the adult industry?

Silvia Saint: Yes, I was at the start of the porn industry getting onto the internet, when VHS tape was pushed out by DVD and then DVD was changed by internet. It was also the same time when natural beauty was changed by plastic beauty. People don‘t want just sex. They like to see more bizarre practice and they did not know limits. Today the industry is oversaturated and it has lost the magic. And that is because you can find anything on the web and nothing is taboo any more.


Mens Mag Daily: I’ve heard you’re a very good businesswoman. Are you involved in any other businesses besides porn?

Silvia Saint: Yes, I am involved in other businesses but at the moment I would like to keep it for myself.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay Silvia, do you have anything coming up that we should be looking out for?

Silvia Saint: Of course you can look forward to the new content, castings and wonderful models at my site which is


Article By: Jon DaBove

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