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Nadia Styles is such a hottie. She reminds me of a cross between Rashidah Jones and Kobe Tai. It’s a shame that she left the industry for five years. On the bright side, Nadia is back and better than ever. Besides being drop dead gorgeous, this petite hottie is one of the most amazing performers in the business. Seriously, if you’re in need of a good scene, check out the lovely Ms. Styles. Mens Mag Daily was lucky enough to catch up with Nadia to discuss her retirement, her comeback, and why she was never, ever anti-porn.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay so you left the industry five or six years ago and now you’re coming back. What led you to that decision?

Nadia Styles: Well, when I left I needed to find something else in my life besides the adult industry. I got into the business at a young age and I didn’t really know anything else about myself. I didn’t have hobbies or anything, it was all just porn. During those five years, having jobs and finding out what I liked and what I didn’t like I started to feel like I wanted to make porn again. I t was the most successful career I ever I had. I’m good at it and I’m confident in my abilities. I wasn’t a confident bartender or a confident waitress. As a pornstar I’m confident and that’s why I’m back.

Mens Mag Daily: Why do you feel so confident as a pornstar?

Nadia Styles: I’m confident because I’m good at it, plain and simple. It’s okay to be sexual and have a high sex drive even though that’s generally not what we’re told by society. I see that it’s okay now. I’m good at, I know it and that’s okay too.


Mens Mag Daily: Weren’t you anti-porn for a little while?

Nadia Styles: I was never anti-porn. That’s where people get confused but I understand it because it was a confusing situation. I entered into Pink Cross and they’re anti-porn. I was religious and I needed something in my life. I wanted to be part of a Christian community and so I went with them due to promises that were made such as helping me start a new life and stuff like that. It’s because I was affiliated with them. There were some bad times while I was making porn but I was never anti-porn and I was only with that organization for like two months. I moved to New York and then I moved back here. I was never anti-porn, believe me.

Mens Mag Daily: For five years you were just doing regular jobs, were you bored?

Nadia Styles: I definitely got bored a lot. I found that the worst thing is being at a job bored and wishing I was somewhere else. That was one of the worst feelings in the world. I wasn’t moving forward, I wasn’t chasing my goals, and it was hard at times.


Mens Mag Daily: Stupid bosses are always telling their employees something equally stupid, ever deal with any of that?

Nadia Styles: You don’t even know. I had a boss that wanted to be my boss at the job but also like be in my life. It was so weird.

Mens Mag Daily: He probably wanted to bang you.

Nadia Styles: It was actually a woman so that would have been cool if she wanted to bang me.


Mens Mag Daily: Was she hot?

Nadia Styles: She was hot actually. I actually never thought about banging her, that’s weird. But yeah, I definitely would have, it would have been hot.

Mens Mag Daily: Did you have a lot of sex while you were away from the industry?

Nadia Styles: Actually it’s so sad; I didn’t have a lot of sex because I was more comfortable being promiscuous on film than in my real life. It’s just easier on film than going to meet some person at a bar that you don’t know.


Mens Mag Daily: You could have tried the online dating thing.

Nadia Styles: I’ve actually tried it. I’m not good at the whole talking to a stranger for a long time thing. You know each other and then when you meet them they’re never as good. I have friends who will text people for months and never meet them. I guess it’s cool because society is evolving but I like a more personal touch.

Mens Mag Daily: Are you excited to be back?

Nadia Styles: I am so excited to be back. I feel like I’m at home again. I love doing scenes, having a lot of sex; my sex drive is higher than ever. I went to the AVN nominations party and it was fun to be around the whole community again. I feel lucky to get a second shot at it.


Mens Mag Daily: How is the porn community reacting to you being back?

Nadia Styles: My friends are cool with it. A lot of people missed me but I know there are a lot of people who aren’t as excited. I kind of get it but I think people see that I’m doing good scenes. I look healthy and I think most people are feeling good about it.

Mens Mag Daily: Have things changed a lot from when you left?

Nadia Styles: Yeah, it’s different. Back in the day it was constant shooting. The big thing back then was DVD’s but now it’s all streaming and DVD’s are totally out. I have to get used to the changes. There’s webcamming and all these other things. You have to do all these little side jobs now to make money. The money is not really in the shooting. In my prime, I was shooting every day. The social media thing is also really different, like being close with the fans. It’s really personal. Before, it was just conventions. That was pretty much it. Now there’s Twitter and you’re talking to your fans every day. It’s cool.


Mens Mag Daily: What’s your favorite type of scene to shoot?

Nadia Styles: I have to say that I’m absolutely with DP’s right now. I love them. I’ve always wanted to try it so now I just love it. I also love regular boy/girl.

Mens Mag Daily: Have you ever done one in your personal life?

Nadia Styles: Yeah, well it was in real life but with porn people. (Laughs) If I ever get into a relationship it will have to be with a porn guy because I need somebody to organize gangbangs for me and stuff. (Laughs) It’s going to be hard to find.


Mens Mag Daily: What about girl/girl scenes?

Nadia Styles: I love women, I love having sex with women. My favorite thing to do with women is, I think they call it tribbing now. We just called it scissors. I love that, it’s like the hottest thing ever. You gotta grind the pussies together, very hot.

Mens Mag Daily: Do you plan on doing anything differently this time around?

Nadia Styles: This time around I’m going to be more responsible about my job and be balanced. I love porn, I love it as a job but I need to have another side of things where porn isn’t involved. I think staying balanced will really keep me going strong.

Article By: Jon DaBove


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