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You all know that we at MMD take our beautiful women very seriously which is why Desana Moses is our latest feature. This Belgian hottie with the gorgeous body and sultry face is a threat across the board doing print and acting work. Mens Mag Daily was lucky enough to sit down with this beauty to discuss being raised in Europe, her best physical quality, and what type of guy she likes.


Mens Mag Daily: Desana, tell me a little bit about your life before modeling. Where are you from and what were you doing?

Desana Moses: Well, I’m originally from Belgium which is close to Paris. I moved to states when I was 15. I kind of jumped right into modeling and went from print modeling, to eye candy, and eventually acting in TV series’.

Mens Mag Daily: When did you realize you wanted to model professionally and how did you make it happen?

Desana Moses: Well I have always been modeling in some way. My goal was really just to expand my career into acting and motivate myself to play more roles.


Mens Mag Daily: Now you’ve done print work, music videos, and events. What would you say is your favorite outlet for modeling and why?

Desana Moses: I’d say my favorite is acting because you can be yourself in a sense but at the same time you get to be somebody else. You get to play a role, a character and you kind of create that. Acting is definitely a fun experience.

Mens Mag Daily: You have a lot of good qualities. What would you say your best physical attribute is?

Desana Moses: I believe my best asset is my face along with my hair and, of course, my character.


Mens Mag Daily: When you’re not working, would you describe yourself as a party girl or more of a girl who likes to stay home? What would be your perfect day off?

Desana Moses: Well I actually have a salon I rent out so I stay busy with my clients as well as my modeling and acting career. I love to travel as well and spend time with my family. That’s how I would spend a day off.

Mens Mag Daily: What my readers and I really need to know is what is Desana’s type of guy both in terms of physically and personality?

Desana Moses: I rarely go for looks. It’s nice if a guy is cute and all but I go for personality, fairness, honesty, and integrity I am a down to earth person who loves nice things but I am a simple in many ways.


Mens Mag Daily: If a guy wants to approach you to ask you out or get your number, how should he go about it? What might work?

Desana Moses: Maybe a nice compliment and sweet comment but nothing too corny like, “I want to be your man and I’ll do anything for you.” No, not at all, I don’t like that. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Desana, what would you say is your ultimate goal for your career? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Desana Moses: I have a lot of goals for my future but I would say that my two main goals are to own my own salon because that’s something I really enjoy and I would also like to have an active career in acting.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Desana, tell us about any projects you have coming up, websites, where your fans can check for you, anything you want.

Desana Moses: Well, everybody should always keep their eyes open for any shoots I might be doing.  You guys can also check me out on my Instagram which is desanamoses and my Twitter which is @desana88. Also, my official website is


Article By: Jon DaBove

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