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On a Cold Winter Night, My First Threesome

After a dreary day at the office I was having a so-so time this past Wednesday and was heading to my apartment by jumping over sloshy snow piled up at the corners, when I got a text inviting me to Vivid Cabaret’s first anniversary party.

The club is in midtown on W. 37th St. between 5th and 6th Avenue. Since I live in Chelsea in the West 20s I can easily walk there. I’ve sampled most of the clubs in the city and had heard about Vivid Cabaret, so I thought tonight is definitely the night to see what it’s like. Maybe I’ll even catch one of the Vivid Girls performing.

After changing my shirt and brushing my teeth I headed uptown into the wind which was so cold and bitter that I hoped it was not an omen telling me not to go.

By the time a friendly gent opened the door to Vivid Cabaret for me, I was frigid. I did, however, thaw quickly as I saw immediately that this was truly an intimate, not gigantic,
club with shiny mirrors and bars. It has soft inviting chairs, strategically placed stripper poles and spectacularly beautiful girls – including the waitresses. The main room has the tallest stripper pole in the city. It actually goes up two stories and the entire second floor is a big balcony so that you can look down and get a dramatic view of the stage and the pole.

The featured dancer for the evening celebration of the club’s first anniversary was Joanna Angel. I had heard about her so I knew she ran her own adult film production company and had dated adult actor James Deen, came from New Jersey and had her own show on . I was stunned in a pleasant way to see how covered she was in tats. The ink seemed to enhance her look and perfect little body. Her performance was so filled with energy that I got totally warmed up and was ready for anything.

Two of the cabaret performers Sherry and Danni sat down at my table and we made small talk, although it was sometimes hard to keep my mind on their words because they were wearing just tiny G-strings and halter tops. But they won me over and we chatted easily. There’s no pressure to get a lap dance, but I wanted one with both girls. Soon the halter tops came off and I had my first very satisfying threesome at the club.

The Vivid Cabaret Girls had so many different body types that I was fascinated. Whether your taste is for a slender ballerina build or a zaftig body that could compete with lady wrestlers, you will find something to please you.

These cabaret performers are really gorgeous and they sure did know their way around strip poles. These girls must work out because they are not only in shape, but can easily climb the 30-foot pole in seconds and hang out at the top hands free.

I didn’t go up to the VIP room floor this time; I’m saving that for my next visit. What a great way to get out of the cold.


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