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Every sneakerhead and Jordan fanatic loves when the air starts getting crisp and the turkeys start cooking because that can only mean one thing, the holiday season is here and in true Jordan tradition, this is when some of the most sought after releases are dropped. This holiday season is no different. Check out what’s coming.


November 15, 2014/ Air Jordan 13 Grey Toe

The 13 is always a hit amongst Jordan lovers as it is often views as the last of the “true” Jordan’s. This is a hot sneaker with the great toe, red accents, and grey suede tongue. Some people on the message boards are already complaining about the different tongue but in my opinion it doesn’t take away from the shoe. This is the first must cop pair of Jordan’s for the season.


November 28, 2014/ Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared

The AJ 6 Black Infrared is the Black Friday Special and is likely to have people sleeping outside of Foot Locker as soon as the take that last bite of pumpkin pie. They carry a $185 price tag but these have that real old school Jordan feel to them and are sure to be a hit. The Jordan 6 usually does well but this colorway might take the cake.


December 13, 2014/ Air Jordan 13 Black Infrared

Another 13 and another black infrared, these are absolute fire and a perfect way to start December. The leather and suede are very dark black with the classic AJ 13 dimples on the leather. The bottom is laced with infrared. Seriously, this is sure to be one of the hottest releases of the season. Diehard fans of the 13 are going to have a field day with these.


December 20, 2014/ Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue

Just 5 days before Christmas, the sneaker of sneakers is set to drop. In this humble writer’s opinion, this is the hottest sneaker ever made. My main concern here is how to actually get our hands on them. I’m praying for a draft because then at least people will have a snowball’s chance in hell. It’s better than the alternative which is paying, if I had to guess, $500 to a reseller for a pair of these beauties.


December 2014/ Ultimate Gift of Flight: Jordan 29 and Jordan 11 Pantone

This two sneaker pack has a lot of people up in arms and with good reason. The Pantone 11 is obviously highly, highly sought after to say the absolute least. To pair it with the decent at best AJ 29 and with a $500 price tag is obviously just a strategy to move those pesky 29’s that nobody wants. Think about it, even if the Pantone’s went for $250 that still leaves you paying $250 for a pair of 29’s. Who the hell would pay that much for 29’s? You’d have to be out of your mind. If you really want these Pantone’s you’ll just have to reconcile with the fact that you’re paying $500 for it and falling victim to a shady sales tactic by Nike.

Article By: Jon DaBove

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