The People VS Steven Avery

MMD January 7, 2016 0

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I hate things that go mainstream, but I unfortunately watched Making of a Murderer, so I am just like everyone else. Don’t blame me, blame the free netflix account I’ve had for years, my interest in documentaries because scripted TV is annoying, even if documentaries are scripted, and now all my FB friends are putting statuses up about this guy, because they are social justice warriors…who fabricate an opinion based on what they are told by the documentary they watched…as if it is 100 percent truth and all their is to the story…while they’re off signing petitions for dude’s freedom….

Sure, the cops probably framed the guy, who was suing them for 36 million dollars that they weren’t insured on and would probably have to pay based on all the bad policing, and for a cop to either kill and frame a dude would be pretty fucking easy based on the story line, while throwing in a half retard kid making a retard confession…so retard these inbreds probably deserve to be thrown into fucking prison…even if they didn’t commit a crime…

I had to google to see what the evidence was against him, I know that things are scripted, even Documentary, that was left out of the story,

1- He Specifically asked for the girl he is charged for killing.
2- His DNA was on the hood of her car, where the battery was disconnected.
3- He was seen burning her stuff including phone in an oil drum.
4- He soaked a cat in gas before catching it on fire – something only a psychopath could do…
5- The Bullet in the Garage with the woman’s DNA matched his gun.
6- The Retard and his Uncle cleaned the garage with bleach the week after the woman went missing.

So as easily as the media makes a criminal, they also make a criminal innocent…they are called armchair detectives who will disappear when the next show comes out….12 hours of content to watch in one sitting as we get fatter and fatter….

That’s not to say Avery is guilty, or framed…or that the people involved in the case are good people…it’s to say, he should have had CC TV cameras on his property….and he’s been charged, now people can come together with a kickstarter to get him a lawyer and a fair trial…

If the real killer (her ex boyfriend or brother or the cops) is still out there, it’s only fair to let this man live again.

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