The Top Super Bowl Ads

MMD February 2, 2015 0


The highlight of the Super Bowl was Katy Perry’s Creeper Holding the Wave…but football fans may not agree with that statement, and non football fans may say their highlight was the ads.

It amazes me when people say they watch the Super Bowl for the ads. It just reminds me of how ridiculous our society is, with buying into these brand messages and actually getting excited over them, for no reason than because we’ve been told Super Bowl Ads are the shit.

Sure big budgets, creative marketing genius want you to fall for this, but ultimately, this is to sell product and that alone should make you want to boycot.

That said, here are the ads:

The Celebrity Endorsements:

Lindsay Lohan for Esurance

Bryan Cranston for Esurance

Kim Kardashian for T. Mobile

Kate Upton in Game of War

Liam Neeson in Clash of Clans

The Movie Trailers:

Jurassic World

Tomorrow Land

Furious 7


Ted 2

The Brands:


Carl’s Jr




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