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Many, including Bonnie Rotten’s own agent, questioned how successful this Cincinnati girl covered in tattoos could be in the adult industry. After all, tattooed girls in the adult industry were often labeled as “alt”, another type of fetish like women with huge butts, a subgenre. Everybody was wrong because just a couple of years later Bonnie is the biggest name in the business, and dare I say it, on the path to becoming one of, if not the biggest, adult actresses ever. Yes folks, we’re talking Jenna Jameson status, and probably beyond. It’s really no wonder she’s come as far as she has given that her work ethic is tireless, her personality is awesome, and her mind is that of a savvy businesswoman. The fact that she’s drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt either. I mean, seriously, the woman is flawless. Mens Mag Daily was able to catch up with Bonnie to talk about everything from keeping her guard up in Los Angeles to what her plans are if porn doesn’t work out, which isn’t a likely scenario.


Mens Mag Daily: So Bonnie, you’re from Ohio, a Midwestern girl?

Bonnie Rotten: Yup, I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mens Mag Daily: What did you do before you entered the adult industry?

Bonnie Rotten: Before I entered the industry I was a car and motorcycle model. I did a lot of motorcycle shows and I would go on the road and stuff. I danced for a very short time too before I got into the industry. After that, I came here to Los Angeles, I got introduced to fetish and here I am now.


Mens Mag Daily: Are you actually into cars and motorcycles?

Bonnie Rotten: I love them.

Mens Mag Daily: That’s awesome. What do you drive?

Bonnie Rotten: That’s so funny because I don’t drive. I never drove and I got out here to L.A. when I was 18 and I’ve just been non-stop busy ever since. I took a course and I passed it but then I took the test and I failed. I haven’t exactly had time to go back and take it again.


Mens Mag Daily: I’m sure you’ll get around to it.

Bonnie Rotten: Yeah, I will. It’s scary because people out here drive like maniacs.

Mens Mag Daily: So I’ve heard.

Bonnie Rotten: My assistant was driving me to Hollywood today and we got cut off like four or five times and I don’t think I have the reflexes for that. If it would have been me driving, I would have crashed.


Mens Mag Daily: I think the problem over there is that everybody drives.

Bonnie Rotten: Yeah and I think there are too many fucking people over here. I think that’s the problem. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: You’re only 21, right Bonnie?

Bonnie Rotten: Yes.


Mens Mag Daily: So what was it like being so young and moving from Ohio to Los Angeles and on top of that being an adult actress?

Bonnie Rotten: It was an insane change. I was always freaky. I didn’t hang out with too many people when I was there because Ohio is very Bible belt. It’s trendy and it’s hip but there are still those undertones of Christianity. When I got to L.A. I felt like I was home and this was where I belonged. I just felt like I fit in more. L.A. has its problems too like there is always somebody trying to take advantage of you or feed off of you, basically just take advantage of you. You have to have your guard up and I’ve learned that being out here. It’s scary for a girl to come out here in the beginning because there are people that prey on girls who are brand new. You have to make sure you’re friends with the right people so they can kind of steer you in the right direction and away from the bad stuff.

Mens Mag Daily: Okay back to you being freaky in Ohio, please tell us what you meant by that.

Bonnie Rotten: I was very promiscuous up until the time I left Ohio. I was banging everybody and having sex with all of my girlfriends, all that fun kind of stuff.


Mens Mag Daily: You know, I don’t know if I grew up in the wrong place or I hung out with the wrong people but where the hell were the promiscuous girls who looked like you?

Bonnie Rotten: They’re not too hard to find but you’re not going to find them in New York. You’re going to find some corn-fed girls that are bored. In Ohio there’s nothing to do. You can do drugs, sex, clubs, or alcohol. I don’t do drugs. It’s boring as fuck there man.

Mens Mag Daily: When you came into the business were you instantly the big deal that you are now?

Bonnie Rotten: When I first approached the business I approached my agent, who is the only agent I would ever want to be with. He told me he wasn’t sure how much work he could get me because I was covered in tattoos. I came in and did my first couple of movies and it kind of broke down the walls because one company has to do it first so everybody else can see if a certain type of girl will generate sales. Other people get excited when they can make money off you and they realize that you’re not going to steer people away. From there it kind of blew up.


Mens Mag Daily: And you became a really big deal?

Bonnie Rotten: Yup, and then I won Performer of the Year for 2014. I also got my directing deal for my company Mental Beauty which is distributed by Girlfriends Films and I’m directing for Digital Playground.

Mens Mag Daily: Everybody has a very high opinion of you. Whenever I talk to other girls and anything about tattoos comes up everybody brings you up and how hot you are and how badass you are.

Bonnie Rotten: Aww, that makes me happy. That’s good I’m glad to hear that.


Mens Mag Daily: A lot of girls regret their tattoos and they tell me they just can’t pull it off like you.

Bonnie Rotten: Well, it’s go big or go home. You can’t have just a couple. You wither have to have none or you have to have it all. If a girl has a lot of tattoos then she kind of has her fan base and a girl without tattoos has here but the one who has a couple may be hot but it’s like the tattoos don’t really serve a purpose.

Mens Mag Daily: Yeah, or they just look terribly idiotic.

Bonnie Rotten: (Laughs) I was trying to be nice about it but okay.


Mens Mag Daily: Speaking of your tattoos, when did you start getting them?

Bonnie Rotten: I started getting tattooed at 15. At 13 I actually tattooed myself with Indian ink, a needle and thread, me and my girlfriends did all that stuff. In Ohio you’re allowed to get tattooed at 15 so that’s when I officially started.

Mens Mag Daily: It takes a pretty badass chick to tattoo herself.

Bonnie Rotten: It was really fun actually.


Mens Mag Daily: Have you ever thought about being a tattoo artist as a career?

Bonnie Rotten: No because there are so many amazing people out there. I would want to be so amazing and if I couldn’t be that there’s no point. I’m a perfectionist.

Mens Mag Daily: Have you experienced any of the seedier aspects of porn that we who aren’t in the business always hear about?

Bonnie Rotten: Honestly, I was having this conversation with someone the other day. I don’t know if it’s just me but the guys are cool as fuck. They bullshit, they’re fun and they do their job and that’s it. I’ve never had anyone be creepy with me.


Mens Mag Daily: They probably think you’re going to kick their ass.

Bonnie Rotten: There are some tough girls in this industry and I may be one of them and those girls aren’t like that either because they have reputations. If we went and told our agent that someone was being creepy then they would be looked down upon. It would also come back on them because I don’t have a bad reputation. From what I know, I have a great reputation.

Mens Mag Daily: You’re one of the few girls that is an actual porn star.

Bonnie Rotten: Aww, that touches my heart. That means a lot to me because I don’t think there are any actual porn stars anymore. I really don’t think there is. You have to be exceptional. It’s personality, face, body, and performance. It’s how you treat your fans, and how you network, how you do business, it’s everything. It’s all wrapped up in one. There are girls who don’t bother with production or any other aspect of the business. They just worry about what their agents are pushing on them and you can’t do that. You have to think long term. What the fuck are you going to do? You can’t go become a lawyer after you got railed up the ass by 5 dudes, give me a break. It’s like, what are they going to do? My dream before I got into the business was to be an entry level Ducati technician. That was what I wanted to start as. If porn doesn’t work out I’m still going to do that because nobody is going to judge me when I’m working on a motorcycle.

Mens Mag Daily: One thing I have to know about is your dating life because here’s what I’m picturing. I’m picturing you dating huge guys covered in tattoos and they’re like Sons of Anarchy type dudes.

Bonnie Rotten: Oh my goodness. You’re wrong, 100% wrong. First off, I don’t really date because it’s hard in this industry. I have a career to focus on and dating would just make it awkward. The guys I go for are typically not tattooed and bald.


Mens Mag Daily: Bald like old man or like shaved head?

Bonnie Rotten: Like shaved head, not old man bald. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: I have a shaved head, just putting that out there.

Bonnie Rotten: Hey, you might be able to get into my bald man orgy. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: There’d be other guys around?

Bonnie Rotten: No! I’m just kidding. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Do you at any point in your life see yourself being in a serious relationship?

Bonnie Rotten: Oh of course, but I’m just getting started in the industry and I’m happy with the way my career is going. I’m directing my movies, I have three done and I’m ready to do more. We all yearn for someone to love so I’m sure the time will come.

Mens Mag Daily: Don’t be mad at this comment but you’re a lot smarter than I thought you would be.

Bonnie Rotten: No I don’t get offended by that. You might run across a girl in this industry and she could be dumb, you never know.


Mens Mag Daily: And you’re well-spoken too.

Bonnie Rotten: Thank you. It’s only a problem when I start using big words. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: Be honest with me here, when you’re doing a scene with like 5 guys, isn’t that overwhelming?

Bonnie Rotten: Honestly, not if you’re working with 5 guys that you absolutely love. I work with so few guys that I’ve kind of developed a relationship with every guy that I work with. If you’re totally comfortable with them then it’s great. I get to have fun and I get to have a connection with someone I truly like. There are times when I’m up at six in the morning and I’m shooting at 8 and I’m so tired. You just have to get into this headspace were you’re going to enjoy the experience and you treat it like a playground.


Mens Mag Daily: What about your fans, are they obsessed with you? I would think they are.

Bonnie Rotten: Some of them, I wouldn’t say they’re obsessed. They love me because I do correspond with them and I do give them a look at my actual life. I travel a lot and I get to meet my fans. Some are creepy and weird but most are just awesome fans.

Mens Mag Daily: How do you go about picking up chicks?

Bonnie Rotten: Let’s say you’re in a club situation; you make a little eye contact with her and start dancing with her. You start kissing her and you hike up her skirt and stick a finger in that pussy and make your way to the bathroom, boom, done!


Mens Mag Daily: Yeah, I have a feeling that only works for you.

Bonnie Rotten: Probably.

Mens Mag Daily: If I tried that it would likely end badly. If I try this and I get in trouble I’m blaming it on you.

Bonnie Rotten: Okay, fine. (Laughs)

Mens Mag Daily: So you’re in the small elite group of porn stars that are very famous, do you guys get treated differently than regular porn stars?

Bonnie Rotten: A little bit. (Laughs) I can’t go into detail but you know. I work 20 days a month, I travel 11 days a month and I have one day to myself, and I don’t think that math is right but you get the idea. (Laughs) I work a lot, it can be hard.


Mens Mag Daily: I know, everybody always has something good to say about you. I’m going to start saying bad thing to break the trend.

Bonnie Rotten: Noooo, don’t say bad things.

Mens Mag Daily: Fine, I’ll be indifferent. I’ll be like yeah Bonnie is okay.

Bonnie Rotten: Noooo. (Laughs)


Mens Mag Daily: I’m kidding I’m going to give you dazzling reviews across the board. Okay Bonnie, it’s gratuitous sex question time and the question is, what is your favorite sexual position?

Bonnie Rotten: Really? That’s all you got for me guys? I’m just going to be like every other girl and say doggie.

Mens Mag Daily: Every girl does say doggie.

Bonnie Rotten: It is the best because no matter what size dick you’re working with it’s going to hit where it needs to.


Mens Mag Daily: Okay Bonnie it’s shameless plug time, have at it.

Bonnie Rotten: You guys can check my dance schedule on my Twitter. I’ll be all over the U.S. and Europe for the next year. You can find that at You could also check out the Twitter for my production company Mental Beauty at I have three movies coming out through Girlfriends Films and I have a new toy line coming out. It debuts in July so keep a lookout for that. My first movie that I directed for Digital Playground will be coming out in June; it’s called Sisters of Anarchy, a play on Sons of Anarchy. It’s going to be hot so check that out.

Article By: Jon DaBove


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    Ms. Rotten is a very elegant lady who can entice and enjoy sex. Cool….

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