Beards are Dirty Bros

MMD May 5, 2015 0


A Local News station KOAT 7 decided it was science fair sundays and put facial hair to the test, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The results – beards are dirty as fuck, containing the same bacteria found in poop. Now I know personally my beard is full of poop because my favourite activity is to eat girls buttholes out. There’s nothing like a delicious lick of my girls butthole after she’s eaten indian food and not showered in a day.

However I find this study questionable because I can’t imagine people in Albuquerque having the best hygiene. But also who cares? Bacteria is everywhere. We are made up of bacterias. They say you come in contact with like 5 dicks a day from touching doorhandles. So who cares?! If anything it’ll help your body build up a resistance to nastier bacterias…

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