Black Widow Gets a Romantic Comedy

MMD May 5, 2015 0

Finally, Black Widow gets the movie she deserves – a romantic comedy. On Saturday, SNL poked fun at studios inability to see the value in a female superhero movie. Yes its true many years ago a few female superhero movies were made and they sucked, so they did shit at the box office. Duh! But take Cat Woman and give it the Christopher Nolan treatment…that would sell! How amazing would a Wonder Woman movie be?…Actually wait, audiences might have a hard time connecting with a main character who has mystical powers…………………….Oh look they’re making another Thor movie.

Hollywood needs to come around. Its being sexist. When it can just be sexist and make more money…with hot female super heroes in tight costumes that my girlfriend will want to see. That’ll be a fun date night. My girl can finally get the movie she deserves and I can ogle…

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